Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What'cha up to?

Hey guys!  I'm so sorry I've been incognito for a while.  I've been trying to keep up with everything that has been going on and I gotta say it's a bit difficult.

"So what'cha been doin' Natalia?"  Well, I helped with my sister-in-law's wedding shower.

Then had two cakes to do the next weekend...

AND my other sister-in-law had her new baby!!  On that THURSDAY!!  Isn't she the sweetest thing!  It ended up being a tough delivery but the hand of God was over this baby.

Then, I started a new job.  Okay let me just say that I've not been in the workforce for about 10 years!  So far it's been good because I feel like I'm going to school with all the training we are doing.  I love school!  I'm a bit worried though about the "real work" kicking in.  Also, my hubby has been the greatest with caring for the boys since his schedule is flexible.  What a blessing!

Plus, we had 2 birthdays this past weekend.  One being my nephew and the other, my better half!!  Happy birthday boys!

So that's a small recap of the past few weeks of my life.  I'll keep in touch as much as possible so please just bear with me during this transition period.  

P.S. Yes, I still do cakes even though I'm working. :-)  I have 3 coming up!

As always...be blessed, thanks for stopping by and leave some love!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cute little monkeys!

Aren't these little guys cute!!  I got a request for them last week and was excited to make such an adorable cookie.

Their rosy cheeks, crooked smile, big ears and sweet eyes just make me want to eat them all up!!!  BUT...I restrained myself because they aren't mine. :-(

I used the monkey cutter from the Wilton 3 piece Jungle set.

I had to squish it a little since I didn't like the elongated shape of it.  Worked out great!

A perfectly adorable addition for a little monkey party for your little monkey!!  Thank you!  Goodnight!

As always...be blessed, thanks for stopping by and leave some love!