Hi!  I'm Natalia of Natalia's Cake Creations.  I've been a stay at home mom to two boys for almost 10 yrs along with being a wife going on 15 yrs.  I'm also a daughter, sister, friend and child of God.

My life so far has been a blessing and a testimony to God's faithfulness and mercy in my life.  He has blessed me with talents and passions that I love to share with others.  They include my love for baking and cooking along with singing, dancing, photography and just being creative.  A few years ago I started sensing that I wanted to do something different.  I soon realized that there are few things that I love more than seeing the enjoyment on others faces when they eat something I have made that not only tastes wonderful but looks just as wonderful!

In my neck of "the woods" there are not many local cake shops.  So when my family and friends realized that I "made cakes" doors started to open for me in this area.  Thus was born, Natalia's Cake Creations!  I'm self taught and I learn new techniques and test new recipes all the time.  I still consider myself a hobby baker so that I can control my schedule more to make sure that my family and Jesus remain at the center of it.

I strive daily to do everything "as unto the Lord" and know that I am here only because of his mercy, blessings and faithfulness.  My efforts I direct towards my cakes fall under that covering as well and my hope is that any cake I make for someone's special occasion is a blessing to them.

Here, in my blog, you will also find links to other blogs that have inspired and motivated me in my creativity.  Don't forget to stop by their blogs and see if they won't inspire you as well.

I am so thrilled that you stopped by and hope that you have found what you are looking for while visiting my blog.  If you have questions about a cake for your special occasion please visit the Contact tab and leave me your info so that I can get back to you.  Thanks again and many blessings!