Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Victory through a Miracle

Your "bad" has to sometimes get worse...It's not a setback.  It's a SETUP!  Get ready for a miracle...You think it's too late?  Jesus will walk in and the miracle is complete.  

A victory is different than a miracle.  A victory is fought for and won.  You work hard for that victory.  

A miracle?  It quite possibly could be unexpected and more than likely is undeserved.  A miracle is after you've fought and have NOT won.  You've lost...or so you think, then Jesus walks in and you witness the miracle.  You've got to have faith enough to take Jesus back to the place you've buried your attempted victory.  Let Him raise it up!

These are the notes my incredible hubby penned during church some 7 yrs ago this month.  Just felt like sharing them after I found them this morning.  I feel these words coming to pass.  I love you Rick and you are such a phenomenal man of God! I know he speaks to you and works in your favor!

Be blessed!

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