Monday, June 6, 2011

Crawfish Boil Cakes and More

Hello everyone!  I’m finally making the switch over to a Mac!  I’ve been a PC for years but have been wanting a mac when I started doing digital scrapbooking and getting more into photography about 7 yrs ago.  See, you learned two new things about me that you probably didn’t know!  So please bear with me as I hone my skills and maybe change the look of our blog.  I will also be publishing a web page soon for my cakes, but more on that later.

So, in the beginning of May I created a "Crawfish Boil" cake for my SIL, Rachel.  It was the first one I've ever done and ended up being very please with how it came out and how easy it was to put together.  Everyone LOVED it and even the chef from the restaurant wanted one of my business cards in case he "has any events he could use help with!"  Sweet!  I started with my go to vanilla buttermilk cake recipe from Sky High, Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes.  Then I filled and iced it with a chocolate buttercream frosting.  We're not talking about greasy, coat your mouth, shortening based frosting...we're talking real (organic) butter and sugar.  The good stuff!  Is it rich?  YES!  Is it sweet?  Yes!  But that's how it's supposed to be and that's also why you only need a small slice.  Back to the cake.  I created a little crawfish for the top with some corn and potatoes made out of fondant.  I dusted the sides of the "pot" with silver to give it that metal look. and added handles to the sides and flames around the bottom.  So, without further a-dew...

I happened to show my neighbors this cake because they are originally from Louisiana and after they saw it she wanted to order TWO of them!  One of them I made last weekend for a graduation party.  They need something a bit bigger so that's why it doesn't look as tall..

The third one I'm doing on Wednesday so you'll just have to wait to see that one.  

In between the two of these I did two other cakes and on Saturday I did another baby shower cake for my other neighbor. 

First we have a Princess Castle cake for a sweet one year old of some friends of ours.  It came with a dozen cupcakes.  This was also my first castle to make so I was a bit nervous at fist but I did my research and at the end of the day I thought it was "fit for a princess".

Then I made a German Chocolate cake as a "Thank You" gift for someone.  I. LOVE. THIS. CAKE.  :-)

Doesn't it look absolutely delicious!  I can not have this kind of cake sitting around because I will unashamedly stuff my face until it's all gone!

Okay!  The last cake I did this weekend was a baby shower cake for my other neighbor.  These are also the neighbors that I made the birthday cake for with the twin brothers turning 60.  Anyhow, this cake was an 8" vanilla buttermilk cake filled with a fresh strawberries and cream filling and frosted in my white chocolate swiss meringue icing.  It is delicious!  (I always have scraps and leftover icing to taste)  The design and colors I took off the invitation.  They haven't found out what they are having so it had to be a "neutral" kind of cake.  I think it was simply beautiful!

So that's been my month of May and beginning of June.  Throw in Mother's Day,  vacation, attending the first IronMan Texas here in The Woodlands (ALL DAY), my sons end of school party and my hubby being gone Memorial weekend and I say I'm glad May is OVER!  Now time to focus on June!

As always God bless, leave some love and thanks for stopping by!  Oh and I hear thunder so maybe we might get some more much needed rain!

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