Tuesday, June 14, 2011



As I sat here reading the above article that was posted on "The Woodlands Marathon" page I became overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude, thankfulness and awe, mixed with a tinge of "unworthiness", at how far God has brought Rick and myself.

I am truly amazed, on a daily basis, at how effortless our Lord is bringing things together for Launch Multisport (Rick's company) to host The Woodlands Marathon on March 3rd of 2012.  That's not to say there isn't work involved but the Lord has opened every door that needs to be opened and closed those that need to be closed.

If you'd have asked me last year what I thought we'd be doing this year it probably would have been somewhere along the lines of "working."  That's it.  Working.  Not much vision, hope or fun there.  But now, after seeing what has transpired and what I know is ahead in our future I can assuredly and confidently say, "pursuing our dreams and fulfilling our purpose!"

Not only are we pursuing our dreams but we are pursuing a healthier lifestyle...something else we've always wanted but up until about 3 years ago, never figured how we could.  It wasn't enough of a priority, we were too lazy, our lives were too busy...whatever excuse we chose to spit out at the moment it wasn't the right one.  Because there really is no excuse for not making healthy choices whether it's exercising, choosing to eat a salad instead of a burger or spending time at a park instead of in front of the tv.  We ALWAYS have a choice.

For these things I am overwhelmingly grateful to my God, my Savior, my Friend and Heavenly Father.  Thank you.

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