Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crawfish Pot #3

Here is my third "Crawfish Pot" cake! It was just picked up this afternoon. The cake is a 10" brown sugar butter cake (one of my faves) with toasted coconut caramel filling and iced with a coconut buttercream. The phrase means "The Joy of Life".
I really enjoyed creating these because of the semi-realistic look they had. I was really able to stretch myself and get creative with how I constructed these cakes. By this third one it was a breeze and I had my system down! That's always a good feeling compared to doing one for the first time and being so worried as to how it will come out.

The customer also informed me when she picked up the cake that she might have to order one more for her husband's birthday! Thanks to everyone for all of the kind comments on FB.  I appreciate your support in my baking endeavors!
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