Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dr Pepper Cake for a "Just What the Dr. Ordered!" Party

Here's a quick post about a cake I made on Friday for a dear, sweet, beautiful friend who I and some of my other lady friends felt needed to be celebrated for just being her!  Yeah, that's how we roll!

This beautiful lady, Lorissa, L.O.V.E.S. Dr Pepper!  And I mean LOVES!  I hardly ever see her without one in her hand and when we go on trips she brings her own little stash with her! :-)  We love her too because she is a sweet, beautiful, God fearing lady with a precious baby girl that we really wanted to celebrate...just because.  And that's how it should be.  Women encouraging women.  Lifting each other up and loving on each other just 'cuz you're you.  So...I made her guessed it...a Dr. Pepper can cake!

Her daughter's name is Jocey and her name is Lorissa.  That's why the can say's "Jocey Lorissa".  Now I was very flattered because when the ladies began to arrive they were all saying, "you've got to check out the cake!"  But most of them responded with "where is it?"  Then when it was pointed out they were amazed that what they were seeing was actually a cake!  Yeah, I was very flattered by all the compliments.  Especially since I recognized all the flaws, lumpiness and little things that I could've done better to make it more "clean".  

So, thank you ladies for giving me the opportunity to bless someone so wonderful and deserving with such a special cake!  And thank you for making me feel so special for making it.

As always, be blessed, leave some love and thanks for reading!

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