Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Niece's Dedication

So, the weekend we get back from our little summer vacation I have a cake due for my sweet cupcake, Kylee.  She's my niece and she is as cute as a button!
Don't you think?!
These incredibly adorable pictures were taken by, the very talented, Melissa Pickens Photography
My favorite!  The Owl Cap
My other favorite...Flowers & Pearls
...AND my other favorite, Diva Peacock Hiney!

See...I told you Melissa was good.  Actually I think she is having a sale this week so if you need pics taken this is the time to do them!

Back to my niece.  She is something else!  I absolutely love her guts!  So, anyhoo, she was being dedicated and of course I had to make her a cake.  We decided to go with a design that mimicked her handmade dedication gown that was made by her, Nonna, my MIL.  Nonna is pretty awesome too!  I can honestly say I love my in-laws!  I could not have prayed for better.

Here is, Kylee, in her gown.
No.  She's not that tall.  In case you were wondering but how about that gown!  Isn't it gorgeous!

With her favorite Auntie and Uncle...

Auntie getting sugars!

Here is her cake.

I think it turned out quite nice since I have little experience in piping.  This gave me good practice and helped me to see where I need to improve and that I need practice!  The family had a great time hanging out afterwards since we met for lunch and had the cake then.  God bless our little cupcake.

Did you celebrate a special occasion recently?  I'd love to hear about it!

As always...God bless, leave some love and thanks for stopping by.

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