Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School

It's that time again!  Summer's over, though the weather says otherwise and all the frantic running about to get school clothes and supplies commences.  Sigh.  I'm not really sad summer's over because I'm actually glad to get my boys out of the house and back to a more structured schedule.  What I am sad about is having to get up.  Early.  Every day.  I've been enjoying my late mornings although I don't really think I've gotten any more sleep because I've been staying up all hours of the night working on these babies to take to school!!

I have found the wee hours of the night to be the most peaceful lately.  I know you can relate.  During the day it can get so hectic, noisy and frustrating...yes, frustrating, when you just finished cleaning up from making lunch for them and sit down to try to start something and not 30 seconds later you get a, "maaaahhhhhmmm!!!" You know, in that sing songy voice.  You get up to go see what else they need only to be asked if they can have some apple sauce. "NO!  You just had lunch!  Kitchen is closed.  Go play outside for a bit."  "But it's haaahhht! and that's boring!" "Well, if you're bored you can go clean the bathrooms." "Nooo!!!" "Then please find something else to do for a little while." "Like what?"  See what I mean?  This conversation can go on forEVER!

So.  I've resigned myself to the nights to get my stuff done.  They're in bed, all is quite and I can actually sit down for more than a few minutes and complete something!  That is a good feeling.  (Except when your hubby is in the room trying to get your attention dancing to some great new music he's found!  Just kidding sweetheart. :-))  I'm sure I'll hear about this one.

I'll leave you with one of the songs that my love has been listening too lately.  Needless to say my boys love it too!  They like to do their robot/dubstep/breakdance moves to it.  "What is dubstep?" you ask?  That's for another post. :-)  Enjoy!

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  1. Wow! Those look fabulous! And I know what you mean...I love the quiet of a late night work session. But, alas, back to the daily grind and early morning madness. At least we won't be going at it alone. See you in a few...