Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sneak Peek...

It's been a week since my last post but I assure you that just because I haven't posted does NOT mean I'm not busy.  I have totally been busy planning, creating and pulling together some things for a lingerie shower next weekend!  It's been a lot of fun and I really enjoy being creative...seeing if an idea works or if a Pinterest project turns out the way it says.  So far so good!

Now I can't reveal everything to you about the shower yet but I can give you a few ideas.  We (myself and the other hostesses) have pulled together elements from several other parties to create the look we are going for.  Here are a few and they can all be found on my Pinterest board as well.



Cute right!!!

Now, that's all I can give you for now and I probably won't post again until after the shower.  So, that will give you another week without me...sad, I know.  I'm such a bad blogger friend.

On another semi-related note there might be a hurricane heading our way to Texas next week and I'm hoping that's it's just a lot of hype and won't turn into anything serious.  That might ruin our shower plans!!  So I'll be keeping an eye on this Ernesto.  I mean who does he think he is scaring us helpless party planning gals into thinking we might not get to see out dreams come to fruition after all this planning and preparing.  Seriously, that is totally rude.  What makes it's worse is that he seems so indifferent to our plans, like he has no choice in the path his winds and rain take him. Pfft!  Rude!

I hope he comes to his senses and reconsiders the path he's choosing.

As always...God bless, thanks for stopping by and leave some love!

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