Friday, July 27, 2012


This is what's
going on in my life...right about now.

Loving: my family.  I am continually proud of the choices and accomplishments of my sweet love.  He is an incredible husband, father and friend!  My boys are the most precious gifts I have been given.  They fill my life with joy, love and laughter!  The rest of my family is always giving, loving and willing to help however they can!

Reading: my bible.  Every morning before I get out of bed even if it's just one verse.  Bread of life.

Waiting for: my cake business to "take off".  I'm working on flour dusted day at a time.

Excited about: my sister-in-law having her second girl!!!!  If their second is as precious as their first we are all done for!!  Why wouldn't she be? ;-)  How cute is this sweetpea!
I know!

Missing: my fruit and veggie smoothies.  The blender we have just isn't doing it's job well anymore.  They were starting to come out clumpy no matter how long I blended it.  The chunky texture turned me off so I've stopped making them.  If you'd like to put towards my Vitamix fund I'll happily take donations! :-)

Trying to: get back to the gym and lose a few more pounds.  But who wants to hear about that! :-)

Working on: a plan to raise funds to be able to do about 5 "dessert table-scape" photo shoots in the next 3 months.  You know how you see all these dessert table-scapes with a gorgeous background, beautiful desserts and incredible decorations to pull it all together?  That's my goal!  These will be added to my portfolio so I can more quickly accomplish my "Waiting for" entry above.  A few ideas...

Gorgeous right!!

Enjoying: Trader Joe's in my area!  They recently opened and my love and I can't seem to get enough of their "basketful of items" for $50!  Rock on!

Using: my MacBook Pro and loving it!  A gift from my love earlier this year.  I feel I can do anything with it.  Except maybe eat it.  That would be extremely odd and would probably be very hard on my digestive system. ??

Wearing: Vince Camuto perfume.  I love it's fresh sweet scent!  I actually got it this past Christmas and am almost out.  So I think it's time for some more but I'd like to try something different.  Any suggestions?

Planning: a Lingerie Shower for my other SIL.  It's SO exciting!!!!  Eeeeeekk!  The theme is Old Hollywood Glamour!

Singing: whatever my 9 and 6 yr old are listening to and for my 9 yr old, right now, that's P.O.D.'s Alive.  This is what my love and I listened to when we were dating!  We even saw them in concert!

Needing: a mani-pedi, haircut and massage...DESPERATELY!!  I'm up for bartering.

Learning: to use AutoCAD again after 10yrs.  I seem to always be figuring these kinds of things out on my own...PhotoShop, Blogger, iWeb, DreamWeaver, etc...I enjoy learning that way!

Listening: to Pandora...a lot!  FM Radio?  What's that?

Wishing: I could go on vacation.  This summer has not been a vacation for anyone in the Frank household this year.  Adventure, yes.  Vacation, hardly.  Too transparent?  Sorry.
The beach in Cozumel on my girlfriend cruise last February (sigh).

Doing: my best to keep up with house work.  I'd rather be learning AutoCAD, swimming with my boys, planning a shower and baking!  I know I'm not alone in this.

Praying for: continued provision, firm direction and wisdom.  Too vague?  Well, I can't tell you everything!

Dreaming of: one day opening my own bakery!

Natalia Frank...CURRENTLY

I'd love to know what you're up to as well!

{I saw this idea posted by Emily at Jones Design Company but this idea was originally taken from Sasha at Lemonade Makin' Mama.}

As blessed, thanks for stopping by and leave some love!

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  1. Smoothie blender at Target that I LOVE:

    Perfume: I love Hot Coture by Givenchy!!! VERY sensual.

    Love the blog too! :)