Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So glad you're back!!

Well, hello there stranger!!  I was getting worried that I hadn't seen you around in a while...sheesh it's been what...9 months!

What have you been up to all this time?  Wait.  What?  I'm the one whose been gone??  (nervous laugh)   So you've noticed, huh?  Well, shoot!  I was hoping I could sneak that one passed you.

Let's look on the bright side...at least you noticed I was gone!  That' makes me feel so special and loved, knowing that you've been sitting around, anxiously twiddling your thumbs, waiting for my next incredible life changing post!  Okay, so maybe that's stretching it a bit but it makes me feel better than having to face the fact that I was being a lazy blogger.  Goodness!  Confessions are just spewing out my mouth right and left!  I better be careful or I just might spill the beans about other things like telling my hubby that the boys ate the last of his beloved Nutella on a slice of warm, preservative-free toast from Trader Joe's.  psst.  It was me.  hehehe.

OKAY!  Enough of this silliness.  Let's get down to business.  To be completely honest, I have been busy.  There's too much from 9 months to fill you in on so I'll just jump straight to most recent stuff which includes some pretty awesome cakes if I may say so myself!  I'll need to keep this relatively short since my parents will stopping by in a few. note: if you're following Natalia's Cake Creations on FB then you'll have seen these already.

First up is a Tiffany bag cake that I created for a Bat Mitzvah.  My first cake of this design for my first party of this kind.  I think it turned out pretty nice!  The letters are hand painted...I was pretty pleased with myself!

Next we have a birthday cake for a friend's daughter and an anniversary cake for my church.   They are both iced in Swiss meringue buttercream with hand cut fondant decorations.  I was very pleased with both of these.

This next one is what I created for my son's kinder class graduation.  I thought it turned out so cute with the owl on it and I loved seeing the reaction on some of the parents' faces when they realized that I had made it!  Talk about a proud mama!

The last cake I will leave you with is a baby shower cake I designed for one of my dear friends.  They are a family of musicians and have the biggest hearts.  I used a template from here to create the basic shape of the shoes but had to enlarge it to the size I needed.  I loved the way this one turned out and so did the couple.

Okay, so that's all for now.  I need to go sweep up the spilled fruit loops and throw away the banana peels that I'm sure are laying around in the tv room.  My youngest LOVES bananas and will eat 2-3 at a time leaving a trail of peels along the way...my little monkey.

I hope that you are as glad as I am about coming back to my blog and finding I'm still alive.  I know I'm glad I'm still alive!  I'll be sure to keep you regularly updated and share more exciting things that have happened and will be happening.

As always...be blessed, thanks for stopping by and leave some love! (that means comments)

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