Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cinnamon Swirl Cupcakes and Baby Shower

Okay!  I promise this is my last installment of the cinnamon themed desserts!  Pinky promise. :-)

I knew I could make a cinnamon "roll" flavored cupcake but I wanted to do more than just add cinnamon and a sprinkle of brown sugar so I did a little research and found an easy solution from Darla at Bakingdom!  Thank you Darla!  This was just what I was looking for.  I just altered the cinnamon sugar ratios a bit.

I ended up using a different vanilla cake recipe and then added the cinnamon sugar swirl to them.  So here I have my cups half the batter in the bottom and I made a little well to put about a teaspoon of my cinnamon mixture in.  Then added the other half of my batter and made another well to put a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon mixture into.  Lastly, you take a toothpick and swirl it! I love the one in the middle that looks like a heart! :-)  Bake at 350ºF for 12-15 min and they're done!

Now I had to taste one...of course!  So I topped it with a cream cheese buttercream and you know what? Heaven!!!!  These guys are insane good!

Yeah, that's pure yumminess, right there!

Onto the shower!  So I had my FIL make me an oven to go along with our bun in the oven theme, which, I'll be honest, kind of got lost in our preparation.  But I still think it looked super cute and everyone was impressed!  This was our dessert table.  Cupcakes, cookies, marshmallows, oh my!

Below are my cinnamon swirl cupcakes all dressed up with cute fondant flowers and leaves, cinnamon roll cookies in the front, cinnamon marshmallows (white) to the left and the pink things in the glass jar are almond marshmallows.  To the far right are Little Debbie cinnamon rolls!

 Here's the awesome oven that was made for us and you can't see it but there are yellow an blue flames painted on the burners! :-)  How cute is this!

To the left are store bought cinnamon rolls that we warmed, more cinnamon cookies and pink and orange almond marshmallows!  The dish with "cream" in it is the extra cream cheese buttercream that guests can spread on their cookies or add to their cinnamon rolls.  Um, yeah, we had no complaints there!

...and...a few close ups of some of the desserts.  We all love close ups don't we!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time, especially since this was a couples shower and that can sometimes be a daunting thing for men.  So I was very pleased with how everything turned out!  Thanks for letting me share!

As blessed, thanks for stopping by and leave some love!


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! Love it! Gizelle

  2. Adorable! I didn't know you blogged until I sent you the invite for Woodlands Mommy's on Facebook.